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AMI Concept Inc. is a private company specialized in building Application & Media over IP.

Our goal is to allow businesses to focus on their core activities instead of spending enormeous resources to deal with today's complex communication strategy.

By doing business with us, our conscious and competent people with do all they can to bring you peace of mind and provide the solution for whatever needs you have.

Our expertise within the communication industry range from traditional business phone systems to mobile network and, since 2006, into the VoIP telephony.

But we would not be expert by only understanding the telephony components. To lead in VoIP, we also have great expertise in state-of-the-art technologies like text messaging (email, MMS, SMS), IP networking, computing (servers running Linux) and Cat5 network cabling.

VoIP Solutions

Our VoIP solutions are basically business VoIP systems meant for a large range of businesses. Our goal is to provide you with a ready-to-go type of solution but keeping them flexible enough for those businesses requiring specific needs.

To find out more, please go to our VoIP solutions section.

Web Design

VoIP means working over the Internet which also means having Web page to manage it.

As part of our role into the community, we have adopted a strategy to help provide Web presence for non-profit organisations regardless of them being subsidized or not. As such, we elected to reduce by up to 50% our regular pricing for Web design and hosting to those organisations.

Please go to our Web Design section for more information.

  Our partners

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